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Tough N Rough - branding extension

Visual Brand Extension

Rework: Extension of given framework, logo rework, intoduction of new and more vibrant color for stronger and more powerful effects and a more „punchy“ look


Full styleguide: logo variations, typography and colors, usage examples

Social Media

Instagram Feed Design Template: Development of an Instagram Feed Template for a consistent and striking look

Print Media

Print data prep: Print design for various banners, posters, signs and t-shirts

Social media

Instagram Template:
consistent look, adjustment of used photographs, usage of signal red color to highlight importance of certain postings, e.g. announcements

"Alexandra gave us ideas on how to present ourselves in a more visible, more captivative way and have a smoother, more consistent appearance on Social Media. She gave our Logo a little but effective rebranding and designed easy-to-use photoshop-templates for our social media postings. Thank you Alexandra!"
Claudia Nef

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