Tough N Rough

are you tough enough for tough n rough?

About the Brand

TOUGH N ROUGH is a Crossfit Competition hosted in East Switzerland once every year.
The competition was created to demonstrate the versatility of the sports and to give athletes the opportunity to measure themselves against each other in three skill level categories. The founders wanted to make sure every athlete, no matter which skill level, is welcomed at their event and has the chance to participate.

Scope of the project

Rebranding Strategy
Logo Design
Social Media Template
Print Data Preparation


TOUGH N ROUGH was already established as an event. However, their initial branding did not bring across the fierceness and power an event such as this is demonstrating. 
With that in mind, the existing brand needed a more striking and bold look to mirror the toughness this sport is known for.



BOLD, CHALLENGING, STRONG – Just a few words to describe what this competition is about. 
To give the brand a stronger standing and a more comprehensive look we decided on a strong foundation of font and color. 
Initially, TOUGH N ROUGH relied on a fresh green as its main brand color. We elevated it by adding fierce red as signal color and more depth with different nuances of the original green.

In addition, we developed an easy-to-use Photoshop template for Social Media, so they would not have to rely on someone external to get the job done. The template is based on the earlier established style guide and results in a stronger, more memorable look on Social Media.

With all fundamentals in place, the last step was to create matching print media, such as banners and t-shirts, to let the whole branding shine on the day the event is hosted.

Social media

Instagram Template
consistent look, adjustment of used photographs, usage of signal red color to highlight importance of certain postings, e.g. announcements


"Alexandra gave us ideas on how to present ourselves in a more visible, more captivative way and have a smoother, more consistent appearance on Social Media. She gave our Logo a little but effective rebranding and designed easy-to-use photoshop-templates for our social media postings. Thank you Alexandra!"
Claudia Nef

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