About Heavons & Waffles

Cause they obviously go hand in hand

Picture of Alexandra, founder of Heavons Studio.

Hey, I´m Alexandra!

I´m an experienced graphic designer, art director & waffle lover with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am the main force behind Heavons Studio.

Art and Design have always played a huge part in my life.
With my skill, I want to contribute to (…ah, this sounds so cliché but it´s true) create a better world. I see this planet as a beautiful and magical place and to protect it I aim to support others who feel the urge to have a positive impact on it. No matter if you want to plant trees, protect wildlife, open peoples hearts, be a fair and reliable businessman/-woman or simply love coffee and want to produce it sustainably. There are so many ways to have an impact and I am here to help you do so!

And I´m not alone. I am lucky to have many talented people around me who I enjoy working with very much and who can not wait to jump in and join forces if required for your project. 

Personally, I love exploring design in many different fields and from a lot of different perspectives. Photography, illustration, photo manipulations, traditional drawing… all of these aspects help me keep my mind open and creativity flowing.

When I´m not pushing the pixels, I love to travel, explore new places and check out the nearest Crossfit box for a nice workout while staying there…oh, and waffles. You´ll probably catch me eating waffles – waffles are inspiring too 😉

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I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

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