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Heavons is a branding & design studio, helping service-based businesses accelerate through positioning, visual identity and brand strategy to increase brand awareness and advance brand sales.

If you are just starting, we will help you all the way through to launching your brand. If you already have a business, we’ll help you rebrand to get your services in front of the right target audience.

We offer everything a business needs, from idea to execution, including branding, marketing & online presence.

featured case studies

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Granderath Immobilien

Target Audience Research, Concept & Design, Corporate Identity, Website Conception and Implementation

Local Real Estate

"We are creating beautiful spaces where everyone can feel welcome and at home."
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Tough N Rough

Rebranding, Logo Update, Print Media Creation, Instagram Feed Design

Swiss Crossfit Competition

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JDM approved

Apparel Print Design, Illustration

Tokyo Streetwear

Themes: Sakura Dragon; Heaven, Water & Earth
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Client feedback

Heavons Client love

Design out of Heaven – Alex from Heavons brought our Corporate Design to the next level. She doesn’t says just yes. Instead she challenged our ideas to make something great! Thanks for the work! Highly recommend her.“

David B.

A more captivativing look – Alexandra gave us ideas on how to present ourselves in a more visible, more captivative way and have a smoother, more consistent appearance on Social Media. She gave our Logo a little but effective rebranding and designed easy-to-use photoshop-templates for our social media postings. Thank you Alexandra!“

Claudia N.

„I am incredibly happy with the collaboration. Alexandra can imagine themes very well and found absolutely appropriate colors and designs for them. She responds very precisely to personal wishes and has a good sense for the entirety of the work. I can only recommend Heavons!“

Simone S.

who is behind this?

the driving force behind heavons

Hey, I´m Alexandra!
I´m an experienced graphic designer, art director & waffle lover with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am the main force behind Heavons Media.

Art and Design have always played a huge part in my life.
With my skill, I want to contribute to (…ah, this sounds so cliché but it´s true) create a better world. I see this planet as a beautiful and magical place and to protect it I aim to support others who feel the urge to have a positive impact on it. 
And I have many talented people behind me who feel the same way…


Heavons got you covered


Brand Strategy

Magnetizing your potential clients to scale your revenue. Brand Strategy leverages your story and USP. 


Visual Design

Based on your Brand Strategy, your business’s Visual Identity will be cultivated to achieve a unique, memorable design that expresses your vision to the fullest.


Website Design

Your online presence needs to encourage trust and highlight the value of your brand, so you can attract and retain your ideal clients.


Content Creation

With compelling visual content, your audience will never lose sight of you and will happily return again and again.

Branding as unique as you wish!

Got an idea that requires unique visual representation?
No worries, let´s have a chat and create a tailor-made concept that suits your specific needs!

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